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Peggy HD: Unique Innovative Unfinished Wood Pegboard with Cross-Lock System

Peggy HD: Unique Innovative Unfinished Wood Pegboard with Cross-Lock System

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Introducing the Peggy HD, a premium unfinished wooden pegboard featuring our unique and innovative Cross-Lock system and accessories. Perfect for craft show displays and home organization.

Handcrafted from high-quality 12mm Baltic birch plywood. Includes:

4 Cross-Lock Pegs (5"x12mm)
4 Cross-Lock Hooks (2 1/2"x12mm)
2 Cross-Lock Shelves (8"x4"x12mm)
1 Cross-Lock Shelf (12"x4"x12mm)
15.5" x 23.5" pegboard
Cross-Lock slots (12mm & 6mm) and 3/4" dowel holes provide maximum compatibility. Use vertically or horizontally. Sturdy cross slot base for stability. 12mm Cross-slots are 4" on center allowing 4" between shelves, pegs and hooks. 6mm cross-slots are on 4" centers and inset 2" from the 12mm cross-slots.

A line of 6mm shelves, customizable sign holders and other accessories will be coming very soon, we believe that this is the most unique and versatile pegboard system we can imagine.

Unfinished Baltic Birch plywood is sanded and ready to stain or paint to match your aesthetic.
Double your pegboard space with our optional expansion kit which includes double the shelves hooks and pegs.

The Cross-Lock system ensures a perfect fit, eliminating loose or tight pegs. Showcase products, organize supplies, and elevate displays with Peggy HD. Built to last.

New accessories coming soon! Watch our shop for additional Cross-Lock accessories released every few weeks. Need custom solutions? Contact us with your specific display needs for personalized accessory designs.

Experience the unmatched versatility and functionality of the Peggy HD, the ultimate unfinished wooden pegboard solution for craft enthusiasts, small business owners, and anyone seeking a high-quality, customizable organizational tool.

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